Bunsen Colloquium 2014

Lithium In Solids: Structure And Dynamics

Venue & Directions

The colloquium will take place at Schneiderberg 32, 30167 Hannover, Germany. The lecture hall is in building 3702 and is called LfI-Hörsaal or E-Classroom and has the room number 031.

You will have access to the internet via wireless LAN at the venue.


From Hannover airport

Take the city train (S-Bahn) route S5 to Hannover main station. The ride takes 17
From Hannover main station take the tram. To get there leave the platform downstairs
to the main hall of the main station. Then go towards ‘Raschplatz’, thus in direction
of increasing platform numbers. Take the escalators and you will be at the tram
station (it is an underground railstation). Take tram number 1 directed to Laatzen, tram number 3 directed to Wettbergen
or tram number 9 directed to Empelde. Leave the tram at the next station named
‘Kröpcke’ (also an underground railstation). Alternatively you can walk to Kröpcke (5 min walk).

From Kröpcke take the tram number 4 directed to Garbsen or number 5 directed to
Stöcken. Leave the tram at ‘Schneiderberg/W. Busch Museum’. The ride takes about 5 minutes.
From there cross the road and follow the road which runs perpendicular to the railway
which is named ‘Schneiderberg’. From there signs will guide your way to the

You should buy a 1-Day Ticket for 4,90 Euro which is valid the whole day and for every direction in Hannover (Ticket Zone Hannover). For traveling once and in single direction you have to pay 2,50 Euro.

The dinner will take place in the Restaurant Brunnenhof which is located close to the main station (front exit).